Corey F Godwell - EIC / Artist / Writer

"We need a little color around here"

Corey is a Bronx, New York City native, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Having done work for Yellow Rat Bastard, Sugar Factory, Funk Master Flex, Magnum Comics, Havoc Boxing, Rocky & The Pressers and Harlem Underground, amongst many others.

Corey was one of those kids that, as a child, went to see the big blockbusters of the 70's and fell in love with (not only the films), but the spectacular move posters and couldn't wait to get home to emulate them from memory. An avid reader and collector of comic books (specifically superheroes and Sci-Fi) since the age of 7, Corey noticed the lack of Black characters being properly represented by the mainstream companies. Weary of complaining, he decided to focus on comics as a career and a source of income. The result is Nukleus Comics, which he developed with his childhood friend (DaShen), and is the writer and artist on the labels first release 'The Boy from Planet A' featuring African American leads and a mixed bag of characters (sans stereotypes), something Sci-fi and comics is sorrowfully lacking. He is now immersed in his latest project NUKLEUS: 'Grand Unified Theorem' which is the 3 part graphic novel follow-up to Planet A and promises to be the 'gateway drug' to the larger Nukleus Universe.

Beyond that, Corey is also developing and illustrating Butterfly Sundae and Wunderkind for Nukleus Comics, which are both geared largely toward teen and female audiences, respectfully. He is also working hard on Broadway International, a T-Shirt/Culture online store that will house various subsidiary brands like Pan Afrikan Social Club,  Automata Americana and Dopefully throughout 2016.