Welcome to the new home of NUKLEUS COMICS!


Nukleus Comics has made the leap from our old Blogger template and our old domain name to, not only a new dynamic website, but also a newer and exciting domain: www.radiatedmen.com.

Now, before anyone jumps to any conclusions, the "men" in the title merely arose from it's point of reference, which is Charles Bukowski's infamous 'Dinosauria, We' poem. The upcoming RadiantWomen.com imprint and site extension is fast in the works and will focus on female writers, artists and creators as the Nukleus roster makes it's official maiden journey.

The new domain names and website reflect the new, more focused direction of Nukleus Comics as a brand and as a force in the industry. Less getting ahead of ourselves with big announcements that amount to wind and instead, more action. We will be far more visible, more engaging, more involved in shaping the genre that is Afro-Futurism, more Black characters by Black creators, and defining what is our legacy (as a brand) going forward, both within and beyond Science Fiction. This being #BlackComicsMonth, us being a very Black owned publishing company and all, we decided (after my being informed about #BlackComicsMonth by the one woman army and fellow tweeter VixenVarsity) this is exactly the perfect time to relaunch and move forward, after a decided year long hiatus and retooling. It was both needed and refreshing.

Moving forward, this is the moment in which we enter the world stage. Taking notice of the massive swelling of Black and Latino comic fans, I couldn't help but feel rejuvenated. Fellow friends, Tweeters, bloggers and entrepreneurs such as Black Girl Nerds, N. Steven Harris, Bronx Heroes, Jennifer Crute, (friend and mentor) Grey Williamson were moving forward and opening doors to whole new audience within and outside of the Blerd community. Instead of merely watching and later regretting We cannot stress enough, our appreciation to fans and friends on social media that have (personally) given me strength and encouragement. You know who you are and I will personally make it known everyday and every moment that I can. Many creators pretend they do not cater to what fans say. Okay, that works for them, but over at Nukleus we care what fans say. As a near lifetime comic fanboy/fan/etc, I know how it feels when your favorite writer or artist book makes a sharp left or right turn, alienating the dedicated and castrating an entire continuity, as well known publishers have recently done. This is a time for all Independent publishers to take note and take action, filling the void of disenchanted and the newly engaged. We will be taking, not only your wallet, but your but your feelings and dedication to our characters and titles. YOU matter. Tweet us, message us, engage us, but please...be polite about it.

Welcome aboard, sit tight and pay attention!

Thank you dearly,