The Boy from Planet A - (The Final Edit/The Purple Book)


6 years ago at the New York Comic Con and the Bronx Heroes convention, we debuted Nukleus Comics first one-shot title 'The Boy From Planet A'. As a brand, we were anxious to get our feet wet and for me personally, I was desperate to get SOMETHING...anything out there, in order to get our name in circulation. Arguably, 6 years ago...we were not ready. Plain and simple: we ran out of the gate before the starters pistol was fired. You live, you learn, you move forward with what you've learned. That brings us to today, May 14, 2016.

We are happy to announce some actual progress in the forms of The Boy From Planet A ('The Purple Book') Final Edit and the 3 part expanded graphic novel Grand Unified Theorem, which will roll out under the titles (part 1) Born Into This, (part 2) War at Thirty Three and a Third and (part 3) which is to be announced. All of our titles going forward, will be presented in high quality graphic novel format, which allows the reader to enjoy a complete story in one shot and in some cases, as a self-contained chapter that is part of an expanded series. In between major releases, there will be various goodies (i.e., wallpapers, apparel, signings, shows/conventions, etc) that we will be rolled at in the coming days leading up to ECBACC 2016 and the re-release.

Looking fwd,

Corey F. Godwell

FEB 2016 -THE BOY FROM PLANET A - The Purple Book / Final Edit
by CFGodwell
This is the perfect jump on point for any new readers and marks the birth of the Nukleus Universe. Anyone interested in the 3-part Grand Unified Theorem (expanded graphic novel) might want to check this oldie, but a goodie, which is now being presented AS INTENDED 6 years back...when we were young(er) and will not be touched again. Includes concept art gallery, detachable pinup and digital download code.

FEB 2016 - NUKLEUS: GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM (Book One) 'Born Into This'
by CFGodwell
This title was originally released in 2012 as a comic book series. Once reality set in and production constraints presented themselves, we are NOW in the graphic novel (comics) business. Born Into this is now a whopping 45 page Chapter 1 of the Grand Unified Theorem umbrella, which will explain the science and introduce the players in the greater Nukleus World.  Each of the three parts will be a graphic novel unto themselves. A preview of Book 1 will be available for download for ALL who follow us on Twitter.

SUMMER 2016 - BUTTERFLY SUNDAE (anthology)
by various writers and artists
Butterly Sundae explores the lives of a group of Catholic school kids in a 1983 New York City and the effects of religion upon a bunch of adolescents who generally believe that "you can do what you want...then pray it away". This is a great book for those who do not do capes nor believe "leaping from tall buildings", as in the Butterfly Sundae world, superheroes are just a thing of myth and government conspiracy. The only villain here are Reganomics, rules, zits, curfew and consequence.

by DaShen

Posted on December 1, 2015 .